Mr Boom’s Firework Factory

Mr Boom’s Firework Factory is a fast paced and extremely challenging puzzle game for PC.

Move Mr Boom’s firework crates from the machines to the exit without destroying them. Beware though, as nothing is quite what it seems in the Firework Factory!

Work your way through the factory’s many tasks whilst avoiding explosions, to reveal the truth behind the firework factory and your enigmatic boss, Mr Boom

This puzzle game earmarks our return to games development after a few years and also shows our ability to create original, interesting and addictive game content. The idea of the game is simply to route crates from various production line machines to a packing area. The problem for you as a player is that these crates are volatile and contain various fireworks, and you must re-order them into the order specified within a time limit. This means you will often have to devise ways to keep the crates in motion without causing them to collide, which usually will result in various devastating and pretty chain reactions unless your own reactions are fast enough! This is not your grandma’s puzzle game!

We are not responsible for any flipped desks, destroyed gamepads, or frustrated players through attempting to complete this challenging game! This game is designed for those that like a challenge.

Craig Edwards

Craig is the owner of, creating games and applications for over 20 years since his teenage years. He is a huge fan of software development and open source.