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Mr Boom’s Firework Factory has been selected as an Indie Prize finalist!

I’m really happy to announce that Mr Boom’s Firework Factory has been selected as an Indie Prize finalist and I will be attending
Casual Connect London 2019 on 28th-30th May where I will be exhibiting my game in the QEII Centre on the third floor.

Come along and say hi, or have a go at my game in person!

There will be a live stream during the event.

I look forwards to seeing you there!

Mr Boom’s Firework Factory Featured on Indie Ranger

Indie Ranger has become the first website to officially write an article about our latest game, Mr Boom’s Firework Factory.

Go to their site to check out the article:

A First Look at Mr. Boom’s Firework Factory: Explosive Puzzles

Visually, Mr. Boom’s Firework Factory has a functional art style that’s quirky when it’s allowed to be…

Mr. Boom’s Firework Factory is a fun game…

Brandon Lyttle, Indie Ranger

New website is live!

After over ten years of the previous design, we have finally set a new website design live which should allow for more frequent updates about our projects and games. Please stay tuned for further information!

If you do have any feedback about this new design please reach out to us on twitter, using the twitter handle @brainboxdotcc.

Mr Boom’s Firework Factory Closed Beta

If you want to take part in a closed beta of this game (or any future versions going forward), please get in touch.

If you want to get involved in the beta testing of this game, please join our discord! Our discord is a great place to discuss the game, get involved in the beta test and offer feedback, or even speak to us directly about the game. To join, please follow the link below:

We are still looking for beta testers, and we are looking for people who are excited to get involved before our release in July. All beta testers will be credited in the game’s credits screen and will be able to keep their copy of the game at the end of the beta test.

Each week there will be updates to the game copy with new levels, fixes, tweaks as people suggest changes. There are limited spaces for testers, so please join the discord ASAP and message me to get involved!

I am looking for people who will try out the levels and features of the game and suggest improvements and/or find bugs.

All who take part will be credited in the game credits as testers!