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Retro Rocket BASIC-Powered Operating System

Retro-Rocket is a niche Operating System, designed to imitate and extend the BBC MOS 3.20 on PC hardware with modern concepts such as multitasking.

Retro-Rocket’s default shell is an extension of the BBC BASIC language rewritten from scratch in C and compiled for AMD64 systems, with extensions for multi-tasking and modern filesystem access.

The operating system is currently usable by interested developers under appropriate real hardware or under an emulator such as QEMU. Small FAT32 formatted hard disks are supported alongside ISO9660 CD ROMs.

A Discord Trivia Bot – TriviaBot

TriviaBot is a trivia/quiz bot for discord with 150,000 questions. It was originally created as an IRC bot which operated on the ChatSpike IRC network since 2004.

Anybody can invite TriviaBot to their discord server and take part in quizzes and trivia run from the bot. It is free to use, and the best player each month can win discord Nitro as a prize!

The bot is trusted and loved by over 155,000 discord servers and over 38 million users, and features, amongst other things:

  • A huge 150,000 question database
  • Quickfire rounds, which are fast and will challenge your abilities
  • Questions with pictures
  • A friendly and comprehensive web based dashboard
  • The ability to start and stop rounds from the web
  • Team leaderboards
  • Team hub pages, where you can promote your trivia teams
  • You can even schedule rounds to start when you’re not online!
  • …And much more!

If this sounds like something you need on your discord server, then you should invite TriviaBot to your discord right now!

For more information please see the TriviaBot Discord Bot website where you can find out everything you need to know about this project and why your discord server needs this trivia bot for its entertainment!

The Seven Spells of Destruction

Web based version

SSOD, or the Seven Spells Of Destruction, was originally a massively multiplayer roleplaying game played through a web browser.

Hack-n-slash your way through a huge world filled with monsters in your quest to retrieve the seven scrolls from the clutches of the evil demon lord Garneth. Only the many traps and other players stand between you and total victory!

The game has been open to new players since 2004, with over 3000 visitable locations and many thousands of enemies, there are many hours of free gameplay here for any patient player of text-based roleplaying games and multi-user-dungeons.

The latest version of the game is accessible via Discord as a Discord bot:

Discord RPG Bot

Mr Boom’s Firework Factory

Mr Boom’s Firework Factory is a fast paced and extremely challenging puzzle game for PC.

Move Mr Boom’s firework crates from the machines to the exit without destroying them. Beware though, as nothing is quite what it seems in the Firework Factory!

Work your way through the factory’s many tasks whilst avoiding explosions, to reveal the truth behind the firework factory and your enigmatic boss, Mr Boom

This puzzle game earmarks our return to games development after a few years and also shows our ability to create original, interesting and addictive game content. The idea of the game is simply to route crates from various production line machines to a packing area. The problem for you as a player is that these crates are volatile and contain various fireworks, and you must re-order them into the order specified within a time limit. This means you will often have to devise ways to keep the crates in motion without causing them to collide, which usually will result in various devastating and pretty chain reactions unless your own reactions are fast enough! This is not your grandma’s puzzle game!

We are not responsible for any flipped desks, destroyed gamepads, or frustrated players through attempting to complete this challenging game! This game is designed for those that like a challenge.

Mr Boom’s Firework Factory has been selected as an Indie Prize finalist!

I’m really happy to announce that Mr Boom’s Firework Factory has been selected as an Indie Prize finalist and I will be attending
Casual Connect London 2019 on 28th-30th May where I will be exhibiting my game in the QEII Centre on the third floor.

Come along and say hi, or have a go at my game in person!

There will be a live stream during the event.

I look forwards to seeing you there!