A Discord Trivia Bot – TriviaBot

TriviaBot is a trivia/quiz bot for discord with 150,000 questions. It was originally created as an IRC bot which operated on the ChatSpike IRC network since 2004.

Anybody can invite TriviaBot to their discord server and take part in quizzes and trivia run from the bot. It is free to use, and the best player each month can win discord Nitro as a prize!

The bot is trusted and loved by over 155,000 discord servers and over 38 million users, and features, amongst other things:

  • A huge 150,000 question database
  • Quickfire rounds, which are fast and will challenge your abilities
  • Questions with pictures
  • A friendly and comprehensive web based dashboard
  • The ability to start and stop rounds from the web
  • Team leaderboards
  • Team hub pages, where you can promote your trivia teams
  • You can even schedule rounds to start when you’re not online!
  • …And much more!

If this sounds like something you need on your discord server, then you should invite TriviaBot to your discord right now!

For more information please see the TriviaBot Discord Bot website where you can find out everything you need to know about this project and why your discord server needs this trivia bot for its entertainment!

Craig Edwards

Craig is the owner of Brainbox.cc, creating games and applications for over 20 years since his teenage years. He is a huge fan of software development and open source.