InspIRCd IRC Server Software

  InspIRCd is an advanced C++ modular IRC server.

The product of careful planning, InspIRCd is the result of stepping back from traditional IRC design and planning out how to approach the problem from a different angle. Programmed from scratch in C++, with modular object-orientated design at its heart, InspIRCd contains many features not to be found in any other IRC daemon available.

Development of InspIRCd started in 2002 and continues to the present day, with tens of thousands of lines of code and many active developers, this is one of our most advanced and detailed projects.

Botnix IRC Bot

Botnix is a multi-network, multi-platform modular IRC bot.

A successor to WinBot, botnix is our multi-platform, multi-network modular bot framework. It is used for the ChatSpike trivia bot and also as the framework for the InspIRCd PostBot.

Development of Botnix started in 2005 and is still ongoing at present, whenever new features are needed.

Botnix Site

IRC Defender Security Software

IRC Defender is a security system for IRC networks, which helps keep malicious users away from your IRC network. One of our newer, but more established projects, this program is used by many IRC networks worldwide and helps make IRC a better place to be.

It was written in Perl 5, and would run on most platforms including Linux, Windows and OSX.

Expanding on previous ideas such as SecureServ and BOPM, this program actively scans users connecting to IRC, using regular expressions, port scans, proxy lists, and more to determine a threat score for a user, which IRC admins can choose to ban, flag, or log.

This software was mentioned in books that I authored chapters for, namely Syngress’s “Securing IM and P2P Applications for the Enterprise” and “Emerging Threat Analysis“, shown below.

WinBot IRC Bot

WinBot is an IRC bot for Windows platforms.

Under constant development and refinement for over five years, WinBot was our flagship product between 1998 and 2004, with tens of thousands of users worldwide featuring an established site and free volounteer-staffed support system.

TrillPerl For Trillian 2.0

TillPerl is a plugin for Trillian 2.x, which added Perl support to this popular instant messaging program. TrillPerl had many devoted fans who used it to produce many Perl scripts for Trillian.

TrillPerl was under development between 2003 and 2004 but is no longer maintained as the version of Trillian it runs under is depreciated.

Crypt Paint II For BBC Master 128K

First released in 1996 to the 8BS User Group (8-Bit Software), this advanced paint program was one of the most advanced for the BBC Master Series 128k computer. The Master Series was an 8 Bit 6502 based computer with a 2Mhz processor.

By today’s standards the graphics which were available on this platform are primitive, however for the time they were extremely advanced.

Taking up a full 640k floppy disk of pure machine code and BBC BASIC, this program took the majority of two years to produce and test. It supported loading formats of many other painting and drawing programs, and allowed for control via keyboard, mouse, light pen or even a digitizing tablet.

Crypt Paint II Video Demo (1995 version)

Mr Boom’s Firework Factory

Mr Boom’s Firework Factory is a fast paced and extremely challenging puzzle game for PC.

Move Mr Boom’s firework crates from the machines to the exit without destroying them. Beware though, as nothing is quite what it seems in the Firework Factory!

Work your way through the factory’s many tasks whilst avoiding explosions, to reveal the truth behind the firework factory and your enigmatic boss, Mr Boom

This puzzle game earmarks our return to games development after a few years and also shows our ability to create original, interesting and addictive game content. The idea of the game is simply to route crates from various production line machines to a packing area. The problem for you as a player is that these crates are volatile and contain various fireworks, and you must re-order them into the order specified within a time limit. This means you will often have to devise ways to keep the crates in motion without causing them to collide, which usually will result in various devastating and pretty chain reactions unless your own reactions are fast enough! This is not your grandma’s puzzle game!

We are not responsible for any flipped desks, destroyed gamepads, or frustrated players through attempting to complete this challenging game! This game is designed for those that like a challenge.

The game is out now on the gaming websites listed below. More platforms coming soon as time permits:

  • Steam
  • Green Man Store
  • GameJolt
  • Discord

If you want to find out more about this game, join the official discord server. It’s got fans of the game, the developers hang out and chat here, and much more! To stay up to date on this game and it’s development, this is the place you need to be!

Judgement Call

Judgement Call is a multiplayer online role-playing game, set in the distant future on an even more distant penal colony. Left to fend for yourself along with other gangs, your aim is to gain power and wealth and rise above those around you. Epic in scope and specification, this game is a long-term project which is likely to take many years to complete.

The game is in mid-alpha stages of development and currently on haitus to make way for development of other projects. It will resume at some undetermined point in the future. Stay tuned for game updates.

Judgement Call Login Screen (PC)

The Seven Spells Of Destruction

Web based version

SSOD, or the Seven Spells Of Destruction, was originally a massively multiplayer roleplaying game played through a web browser.

Hack-n-slash your way through a huge world filled with monsters in your quest to retrieve the seven scrolls from the clutches of the evil demon lord Garneth. Only the many traps and other players stand between you and total victory!

The game has been open to new players since 2004, with over 2000 visitable locations and many thousands of enemies, there are many hours of free gameplay here for any patient player of text-based roleplaying games and multi-user-dungeons.

SSOD Game Site

Unreal Engine Version

In 2015 we began an effort to re-create this game as an open world exploration based role playing game in Unreal Engine 4. This game is now in full development again and is available for free during its open alpha period. Please visit the website for the game to find out more.

September 2019 Alpha Trailer


Dragonfly is a sideways-scrolling shoot-em-up game inspired by 90’s arcade games such as R-Type. Blast your way through several levels of bullet-based mayhem in your trusty Dragonfly-Class star fighter, with many hundreds of enemy spacecraft out to ruin your day!

Dragonfly was first released in 1998, and this game was written for MS-DOS and is no longer playable on modern operating systems, but it will run in DosBox. You can find the source code for this game in our public git repository.

Gameplay Video