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Please ask permission before downloading large files from this site. WinBot beta testing is open, however bandwidth from this server is limited. Use a download accellerator, and get banned! You will gain nothing by connecting to me 10 times at once, except a nice line of your own in my blacklist! For more information please email the administrator of this server (Brain) at [email protected]. Software distributed from this site is BETA SOFTWARE. It is not gauranteed to function correctly or at all at time of downloading, and is updated at least once a day. For the latest stable release, please visit

Latest beta version:
Please view the changelog for details.

      Name                    Description

[TXT] changelog.txt List of version changes [DIR] dist/ Complete installer packages [DIR] etc/ Files needed for fast update [DIR] source-snippets/ Source code samples [DIR] submissions/ Submitted and audited addons [DIR] support/ Tech support docs [DIR] unsupported/ Unsupported or experimental addons

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