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Welcome to is based in the UK and produces high-quality commercial and open source software solutions. We have been established since 1993 (Initially producing public domain software for 8-bit platforms) and now specialise primarily in Windows, Linux/FreeBSD and XBox 360 software.

We were originally known as Crypt Software throughout our 8-bit era and up until November 2007, producing some of our most well-known projects under this banner such as the Windows IRC Bot, WinBot which was the most popular dedicated windows-only IRC bot client between 2001 and 2006.

We are also well known for our other IRC related products, such as InspIRCd, the C++ modular IRCd, and IRC Defender, a security solution for IRC networks. We are very active in the Open-Source IRC community and a well-known source of useful and powerful programs.

More recently, we have returned to games development and are currently in production of an XBox Live title puzzle game for the XBox 360 games console and PC, which is due to enter beta soon.
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